Vacant Home Staging

Our specialty is staging vacant homes. We infuse an empty property with emotion so that buyers can connect and fall in love with their potential new home. With a large inventory of beautiful furniture and accessories for every size and style, we furnish and stage your property appropriately and affordably.
Based in Contra Costa County, yet we have furniture to stage every Bay Area architectural style: Berkeley Craftsman, Danville suburban development, Jack London Square Condo, Black Hawk Traditional.

Buyers often struggle to visualize their furniture in a vacant room. Empty rooms actually appear smaller. We fill your vacant rooms with appropriately-scaled furniture and accessories, demonstrating to buyers those rooms' potential, and brightening the home.
We have a large inventory of new furniture: art, rugs, lamps, accent pieces and accessories, and even gym equipment. Don't underestimate the power of accessories. Selecting the right ones define the style of the space, and make a big impact on potential buyers.
Our huge collection enables us to give the property an up-to-date high-end look, making the property appeal to even the most discerning buyers.